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Series 01:
Puffy Pilots

What Are Puffy Pilots?

Puffy Pilots is my first & flagship NFT project to contribute to the web3 industry. Puffy Pilots has an fun history to it; during early COVID (March 2020) I was a 12th Grade English Teacher at a Title I school in Orlando, FL. Students weren’t showing up for class, grades didn’t matter, and admin was frustrating during the entire process.

After yet another depressing day in an underappreciated & underpaid profession, I knew that I was going to get out of there as soon as possible. I decided to teach myself a new coding language to start making some simple mobile app games.

I settled upon C# as Ubisoft uses it for many (if not all) of their projects and you don’t need to pay to use it in full until you hit $100,000 in annual revenue through their software (which is a dream in-and-of itself).

I found a video teaching how to make a simple tap-tap game and spent MONTHS coding what would take anyone with remote experience in C# a single day. I decided to make the game about a pilot trying to avoid birds in honor of my previous life goal of being a commercial pilot.

I abandoned the project for the summer to spend time with my then-girlfriend (now-wife) and focus on my nerd-commerce sales.

After coding at my then-girlfriend’s house, I was showing her mom an issue in the code and discovered how to fix it and I was FINALLY able to post my first ever game to the Google Play store.

When I decided upon releasing my own NFT collection, the first thing I decided to do was make a series of Puffy Pilots to show some of my personal and professional history.

What is the Goal with Puffy Pilots?

Tinker’s Caravan LLC is my parent company for all of my other endeavors at the moment.

With that being said, I’m an adamant Christian and one story specifically that touches me is the story of Noah’s Ark and the rainbow being God’s promise to humanity. In my effort of being like Christ, I settled upon having an NFT collection that would work in the same capacity. My NFT collection works as a promise to web3 that as long as Tinker’s Caravan LLC is active in web3, this project will continuously grow and be rewarded for being participatory in the community.

As my Flagship project, holders will have the option to physically mint their NFTs, get major discounts off of their products and services we provide, get airdrops of our other future projects (not exclusive to the TINK3R TOT brand).

Puffy Pilot holders will be consistently fed with digital files, exclusive giveaways, all types of airdrops, and far, far more, the faster the project sells out. Additionally, Puffy Pilots holders will be able to exclusively vote for various aspects of the NEXT Tink3r Tot project as what better way to grow a project than having existing members say their insight on how to make the project & NFT even better?

Without spoiling anything, we will be updating everyone on all of our social media channels as well as our mailing list, so be sure to sign-up and follow as many as you can to get all types of information as soon as you can!

Are There Benefits to Holding Multiple Puffy Pilots?

Indeed there are benefits! For obvious reasons, one specific perk is being able to possibly sell one down the line and keep at least one Puffy Pilot so you still get all the benefits & perks that come with being a holder, but we also have exclusive benefits to holders that hold certain amounts (as seen listed below);

If you have ONE (1) Puffy Pilot: Each Puffy Pilot grants you a mobile background (the NFT itself), a copy of our upcoming NFT party card game NFT: MINT or BUST, free NFTs from future Tinker’s Caravan LLC NFT collections, digital files, access to exclusive Discord channels in my server, and much more.

If you have FIVE (5) Puffy Pilots: One of your NFT: Mint or Bust party card game will include an limited-edition 3D-printed box (more details coming after launch!).

If you have TEN (10) PUFFY PILOTS: You will get NFTs from our NEXT collection for free and one of your NFT: MINT or BUST games will be signed by the entire team behind Tinker’s Caravan LLC (as well as all previous rewards).