Welcome to Tink3r Tots

The Community for ALL Communities

Welcome to Tinker Tots

The Community for ALL Communities

About Us

Community-Run Project

Tinker Tots is as much of a community run project as it gets. All funds goes straight into rewarding users and operational costs exclusively. The transactional fee is to work towards a goal to cease minting each Project Line at some point and continuously reward holders for their role.

Mint Based Roadmap

Each minting Series will have its own goal and rewards that will have different utility after each Series 

(After Puffy Pilots Series 01 sells out, we will release a mobile app)

Physical Rewards

There are already physical drops planned for ALL holders of the project. The first 1,000 TINKER TOT holders will get a copy of our NFT party card game, MINT OR BUST delivered to them!

Flagship Project

Tinker’s Caravan LLC is here to stay in the web3 space permanently. This is not an investment for us, this is our home and our future. As long as Tinker’s Caravan exists, Tinker Tots will be constantly evolving, adapting, and existing.

Who Runs Tinker Tots?

NFTink3r, aka Daniel J. Raines, is the owner of Tinker’s Caravan LLC, a self-described nerd-commerce store. He has successfully started multiple businesses & DBAs and has left his many successful ventures to go forth into web3, as he has been researching it since its infancy in 2017 starting with Cryptokitties on the Ethereum blockchain.

He is an official Community Developer of multiple various projects (e.g. Anima Mirrors by DEMSKY & Matrix Avatar NFTs by Nifty’s), and has finally branched out to develop his own NFT project for the community.
If you would like to contact him, the best place to do so would be on his Discord here, and tag him @Tink3r#1319.

Our NFT Collection

Tinker Tots has a dedicated & expansive collection of NFTs available to be used commercially from various brands. Our funds go to increasing this to create income to both sustain our projects and increase our community bases. Feel free to click on the image to the right to see a full-run down of our official NFT list.